School Council Statement

Mission Statement: Making a difference

Here at Springwell Junior School, the School Council makes sure that every pupil’s voice is heard. We meet at least once a half term to discuss what changes we can introduce to make Springwell Juniors a better place to be. We take on board ideas from children in class and strive to work together to create a good learning environment for all pupils in the school.

There is so much to learn here at Springwell; as well as being taught the core and foundation subjects, we are also given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities provided by the school. Some of the activities made available to us in the past year are: sport clubs, competitions, concerts, talent shows, visiting poets, a bmx bike show and special visitor assemblies.

In addition to all of these exciting activities, we try to go on a trip once every term; including the whole school trip to the theatre around Christmas time and fortnightly trips to the local Library for years 3 and 5. Year 6 also go on a residential trip. We try to use public transport as much as possible to make sure that we travel in a sustainable way and learn to travel safely and confidently. There are always parents willing to help out on trips and we are often complimented on our outstanding behaviour wherever we go.

The School Council helps to promote healthy eating by encouraging children to bring in healthy snacks for break times by holding assemblies, posting advice on the blog, writing articles for the Newsletter and being good role models when conducting snack spot checks. Our school dinner ladies also make sure that a balanced meal is available for pupils with free salad bar. The S.M.S.As help to monitor healthy eating and encourage us to be responsible by carrying our own money to pay for our lunch.

Our school prioritises being healthy by providing many inter house sports and athletics competitions, promoting walking to school and cluster/borough sports activities.

The School Council Representatives