Art and Design at Springwell Junior School

At Springwell the Art curriculum actively encourages pupils to develop and expand their thinking by taking risks, experimenting, investigating, making connections and reflecting. Art classes are topic based and skills focused where drawing, painting, 3D sculpting, printmaking, ceramics and recycled art is explained in a logical way by the specialist Art and Design teacher. Pupils develop their technical skills and abilities and are confident in their creativity. Art projects reinforce prior learning for example in Year 4 pupils made dynamic Sutton-Hoo helmets and learnt about Runes lettering to link to
their history topics about the Anglo-Saxons. Year 6 extended their understanding of grids and ratios to draw a portrait from an A4 size to scale up to an amazing A1 size painting that linked to their topic on ‘Inspirational People’. Our lively debates at the end each project, encourages critical thinking skills where pupils can express their opinions through peer assessments, and critiques of famous artworks.

Artworks are regularly displayed around the school as a visual communication about the different topics and lessons and to celebrate high achievements in Art. The quality of the art at Springwell is outstanding and is celebrated beyond the school, for example Year 4 was selected by West Middlesex Hospital to have their fabric prints on permanent display on the Dementia Ward. There are many opportunities to drop into the Studio for club work and to enter the numerous competitions that we run. The Studio facility is well equipped with an extensive range of specialist and quality materials and tools to offer a rich and diverse art experience which is designed to stimulate, raise self-esteem and boost confidence through a structured programme of learning.

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Extra Curricular Clubs

The school provides a wide range of extra-curricular Art and DT clubs throughout the year. Click here for the full club timetable


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